Director Shi Yulong meets with a delegation from UN-Habitat

Source:Urban China Network Time:2018-10-26 Clicks:1478

Shi Yulong, Director of the China Center for Urban Development (CCUD), held a courtesy meeting with Yang Rong, Inter-Regional Adviser of UN-Habitat, Zhang Zhenshan, Representative of UN-Habitat in China, and Professor Cao Huhua, Co-chairman of the International Conference on Canadian, Chinese and African Sustainable Urbanization (ICCCASU), on the morning of October 25, 2018. Qiu Aijun, Deputy Director of CCUD, held talks with them on deepening cooperation in the future.


Liu Yue, Director of the CCUD International Cooperation Department, and related personnel attended the meeting.

(By International Cooperation Department, China Center for Urban Development)

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