ADB-The Project of “Policy Research on the Strategic Choice in China’s Urbanization ”

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In response to the requirement of the Department of Development Planning of National Development and Reform Commission, Asian Development Bank initiated the project of “Policy Research on the Strategic Choice in China’s Urbanization” in a bid to provide policy suggestions on the development of urbanization and promote the sound development of the urbanization in China.

Starting from such aspects as features and lessons, key institutions and trend of the urbanization development in China, as well as the space planning and structure of China’s urbanization, the project will organize experts to carry out field research and conduct policy research.

In the outcome, the research will draw a comprehensive conclusion of the development features and lessons of urbanization, analyse the basic national condition and put forward the institutional barriers to the sound development of urbanization in China. At the same time, the research will, by analyzing the urban space planning and development trend under the geographical population distribution, give some policy suggestions on the sound urbanization development in China. The project was concluded in March, 2012 and its outcome was published in 2012. 

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