Launching China International Cities Development Alliance, See Member Cities in the First Batch

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              2017 EU-China Forum on Sustainable Urban Development

(UrbanCNet)——As pointed out in the “13th Five Year Plan”, it is one of China’s top priorities in the next stage to earnestly promote people-oriented new-type urbanization drive. Urbanization is the greatest potential for China to expand its domestic demand. However, China’s sustainable urban development is facing a number of bottleneck constraints. To further promote new-type urbanization, China should break through bottleneck constraints, actively absorb and introduce advanced international technologies, experience and management ideas.

In view of this, China Center for Urban Development organized Chinese cities to set up “China International Cities Development Alliance” (hereinafter referred to as “Alliance”) under the guidance of National Development and Reform Commission. The Alliance was formally established at EU-China Forum on Sustainable Urban Development on March 20, 2017. Over the same period, China Center for Urban Development and EUROCITIES signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the forum and agreed to build an exchange platform for Chinese and European cities jointly.

The Alliance aims at “introducing international resources and providing international platforms for cities”, strengthening communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign cities, enterprises, think tanks and institutions, making both parties complement each other with advantages and achieve win-win cooperation, promoting more international cities (parks, enterprises, think tanks and institutions) to form pairs, enriching and expanding results of international cooperation in urbanization and enhancing international influence of cities through international platforms.

With paired cities of EU-China Urbanization Partnership as the base, the Alliance actively takes in cities at all levels all over the country. Through formal application process, the first batch of alliance members include 90 units, covering 67 cities (including prefecture-level and county-level cities), 2 national-level new areas and 21 districts, counties and towns. The Alliance Secretariat is responsible for daily operation and management of the Alliance which is performed by the International Cooperation Division of China Center for Urban Development.


Inception Ceremony of China International Cities Development Alliance

Main Tasks of the Alliance:

1. Exchange platform: To provide opportunities for international and domestic urban exchange by holding forums, seminars, expositions, investigation and survey and other events, and establish the contact mechanism for city mayors.

2. City Demonstration: To build demonstration cities and projects of international cooperation together with foreign countries, promote best cases and relevant experience of new-type urbanization, characteristic towns and other pilots through international platforms, and increase international influence of Chinese cities.

3. Targeted Matching: To provide customized matching service for cities based on specific needs.

4. International Investigation and Training: To offer technical assistance, establish international technical teams and build more responsive cities in various aspects.

5. Policy Planning: To provide theoretical support and carry out the planning and design for urban development.

6. Project Research: To carry out joint research with cities, address development challenges, edit and publish Annual Report on International Cities.

7. Investment and financing service: To provide high-quality, convenient and diversified investment and financing channels and financial solutions for Chinese and foreign urbanization projects with the new urbanization fund.

China International Cities Development Alliance is committed to creating an authoritative platform and network for exchange and cooperation among cities, enterprises, think tanks and institutions.

List of the First Batch of Member Cities of China International Cities  Development Alliance



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